It was a teachable moment.  We’re not using that term as much as we used to; some of that is because President Obama (gasp!) has said it, but mostly, it’s because Common Core has eviscerated it as something that can happen in the classroom.  Standardization, after all, by its very nature annihilates creativity.

Anyway, when I first released my book in November, the first few chapters were riddled with errors.  Some of that was because it was written in Doha, where the mercury-laden air didn’t do well for my head, but mostly, it was because I was the sole editor, and I did a shit job editing it.

So I rewrote large chunks of the beginning, fixed the errors throughout, and have now republished it.  If you haven’t gotten it already, do so now!

It’s super key for people to review the book and, most importantly of all, be honest.  People have insulted me all over the world; mild criticism of a literary work is hardly insurmountable for me.

So grab it if you haven’t!  Update it if you have!  And review, comment, and share!


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